Youth Education Support Services


“Our objective is to advance the education, and improve the life conditions, of young people in South London. We operate from a drop in centre on the borders of Camberwell and Peckham.”

A Different Approach

Youth Education Support Services (Y.E.S.S) is a charity based in Camberwell providing GCE, GCSE and City and Guilds courses. Since being formed in 2003 the YESS centre has had over 1000 students attend the centre.

YESS provides education and support to a growing number of disadvantaged young people who have been excluded or exclude themselves from their secondary schools. YESS is committed to helping them to build a better future, or, for those not able to fit into the higher education system, simply providing them with alternative education.

Y.E.S.S. offers a sympathetic and professional ‘first point of contact’ within an informal setting, taking into account the individual circumstances and difficulties of the young people who use it.

Through a combination of moral and emotional support, linked to practical resources in association with other support agencies, Y.E.S.S. is helping many of South London’s disadvantaged young people to build a better future for themselves.