Art gives young people a wonderful opportunity to express themselves in a unique and engaging manner. Often times art can be a window into the soul, and it can function as a valuable outlet for feeling and emotion. YESS encourages its students to unearth their creativity and to learn new skills along the way.

Students can prepare for and sit their GCSE Art and Design examinations in our specialist art room which facilitates painting, drawing, sculpture, screen printing and photography. Whether a student is taking a GCSE qualification or not, we encourage all students to express themselves creatively during their time with us at YESS.

In 2016 our students were invited to enter an art competition hosted by Center View Partners. The participating students were invited to their offices in Mayfair to see what working in a business environment entails and pitch their ideas for new business ventures.

We endeavour to take our students on regular trips to art galleries and exhibitions across London to enhance their cultural education. We have previously participated in workshops at the Saachi Gallery, South London Gallery and the Greenwich Maritime Museum.