Music is an important part of any young person’s life – as a creative outlet, a way to express their thoughts, or simply for enjoyment. At YESS we have a room with specialised equipment where students can learn and practice musical instruments; use their voice for singing, rapping or spoken word poetry; and produce music electronically.


Titomi, 16

“Music is my favourite lesson and when I have my class I always want to come to YESS in a good mood so I can be creative. I’m working on improving my voice and getting to the stage when I can express my feelings to others through my singing.

When I get frustrated at home, I go into my bathroom to sing or listen to music because it helps me stop feeling angry. Songs can give me a warm feeling and being able to do more music would make the world a better place and easier to cope with.

Having a music studio at YESS is a great idea because I love music so much. I think it would really mean a lot to all the students here to have a place where we could totally release everything, be creative and forget about all our worries.”


Shewarna, 16

“I’ve had bad things happen that have led to me feeling depressed and developing General Anxiety Disorder. It’s been really upsetting, I’ve had problems sleeping and it’s been hard to concentrate. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I stopped going to school.

I love singing but before I came to YESS I would never have sang in front of anyone. Singing is a great way to express myself in an enjoyable way. It makes me feel better, calmer and free. After I sing, I’m good for the whole day.

My music teacher told me I have a great voice and that’s really helped my confidence. And it’s helped me to be more patient as I have to practise to get better.”


Charlie, 16

Music is really important to me, it’s my life and without it I’d be depressed. I’ve been writing a song at YESS. It’s about stuff that’s personal to me and it’s a good way of expressing myself, there are things that can go into a song that I wouldn’t say otherwise. I enjoy putting all the pieces together, seeing it build and ending up with something finished. It’s good to have something you’ve created that comes from you.”


Here is a selection of tracks made by some of our past students:











YESS Soundscape remix (split into 4 parts)